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Towel Talk

You got to check out this cool gym towel I just got.
What can be “cool” about a gym towel?
Well, for one thing it's got this little magnet embedded in the corner so you can stick it up on the equipment.
Not bad, keep it off the nasty stuff.
Exactly. Each side's a different color so you know what you’re wiping your face with and what you’re wiping the nasty with.
I need that when I’m sharing equipment with you, sweaty.
Speaking of sweaty, this thing is softer, more absorbent, quicker drying, less odor and way less bacterial growth than cotton.
Wow, cotton sucks.
No kidding. It’s made from something called TENCEL. Basically, the most advanced fiber out there.
Your age is advanced.
Hey, I’m young enough to know that a mesh pouch that lets you see text and interact with your cell is a good Idea.
I’ll give you a text when my towel arrives. Where do I get it? You’re there right now!