Don’t Forget to Wipe the Bench! The Basics of Gym Etiquette

gym etiquette

You’ve come to an epiphany and realized that you need to start working out more. So, you go out and get a membership at your local gym. A few of your friends go there and said the place was nice.

While you’re on the treadmill someone from work calls you. It can’t wait, so you take the call while you’re still on the equipment. About 10 minutes into the call, the person beside you starts giving you the stink eye.

Talking loudly is one rule of gym etiquette that you don’t want to break. You didn’t know the most common rules, and now you’ve drawn unwanted attention to yourself. Don’t let this happen to you! 

To help you stay classy while you work out we’ve created a guide to all the unspoken no-nos that you should know about before you hit the gym! 

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask 

Just as in school, there’s no such thing as a dumb question when you’re in the gym. If something confuses you or you need some assistance, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Do you see a piece of equipment you don’t know how to use? Find someone who works at the gym and ask them to help you out. 

If someone is doing squats in front of a dumbbell you need, kindly ask them if you can reach behind them for a second. Asking first is the polite thing to do and it’s also safer. 

Most gyms post a list of rules that all members should follow. If a rule is a little confusing to you, ask one of the gym staff to explain it. It’s better to ask now then run into a problem later. 

2. Clean Yourself and Your Workout Clothes

It sounds counterproductive to shower before you go get sweaty in the gym, but all the other patrons will thank you for doing it. If your smell is a distraction to you, it’s also going to be distracting to everyone else.  

Besides taking a shower, you want to always pack a fresh towel and a clean set of gym clothes with you. It’s tempting to use the same set of clothes twice, but after about two uses it’s going to make you smell like aged sweat. Nobody wants that! 

3. Put Equipment Back Where You Got it 

For the safety of everyone in the gym, make sure you put your equipment away after you’re done with it. If you leave weights in the middle of the floor, somebody may tumble over them and hurt themselves. 

Also, it’s great if you can lift 300 pounds but the next person to use the equipment may not be able to. Make sure to reset the machine or take the weights off after you’re done with it so they don’t have to do it. Not only is failing to do so inconsiderate, but it could also lead to an injury. 

4. Don’t Make Fun of Others 

Everyone in the gym is there for one reason and that is to better themselves. You should never make fun of someone for that. Don’t vocally say something negative about another patron, don’t take a snap on Snapchat, don’t post pictures of them on your Instagram, and don’t stare. 

It’s rude, it invades their privacy, and if they notice you doing it, it’s likely to discourage them from coming back to the gym. 

5. Pay Attention to What’s Going on Around You

When you’re walking through the gym, always pay attention to your surroundings. If you space out you may end up walking right into another patron or getting smacked in the face because you walked too close to someone using a machine. 

Also, if you’re paying attention to your surroundings you may end up noticing a fellow gym-goer who needs someone to spot them. Help them and make a new gym buddy or at least someone who will return the favor. 

6. Wipe Down Equipment After You Use it 

Nobody wants to use a piece of equipment that’s covered in puddles of sweat. It’s gross and makes people feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should always bring a towel with you. 

You can drape it around your neck to wipe off your face and soak up some of the sweat. Depending on how much you sweat, sometimes the towel isn’t enough, though. 

If you do end up sweating on the machines, most gyms have paper towels and disinfectant you can use to wipe down the equipment after you’re done with it. 

7. Sharing is Caring 

No matter how much you enjoy a machine, don’t hog it. It’s rude to the other people who are waiting to use the equipment you’re on. Another thing you want to avoid is hovering. 

If someone is using a machine that you want to use, move on to the next step in your workout. Go to a different one until the person is done.

If you hover it makes things awkward, It’s rude, you’re pressuring the poor person, and it’s not safe to stand close to someone using a piece of workout equipment.  

8. Avoid Talking too Much

Too much chitchat on the gym floor is distracting and quite annoying to other gym-goers. If you get a phone call and must answer it, get off the machine you’re using and step outside. 

If you go to the gym with a partner and want to communicate with them, whisper so the whole gym doesn’t hear your conversation. Lastly, if someone is wearing their earbuds, chances are they don’t want to talk. Don’t poke them to try and start up a conversation. 

Everything You Need to Know About Proper Gym Etiquette 

Are you thinking about heading to the gym? It’s a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Just, keep in mind that the gym is full of patrons who are trying to do the same thing. 

You’ve got to practice good gym etiquette or else you may find yourself getting kicked out. Use the advice you’ve read here today to help keep the gym a positive place for everyone. 

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