Gym Towel

Gym Towel

You’ve made up your mind about finally going to the gym, but you don’t know what equipment you need. At TowelTech, we know that most people ignore the utter importance of a must-have piece – a gym towel.

What do you bring to the gym?

Depending on what your goals are, as well as your personality, you may need to bring different things with you, including headphones, water bottle, exchange clothing, workout tracking app, etc. Naturally, a towel is a must, whether you believe you need it or not. It is first a matter of hygiene, for you and those around you, as well as one of comfort.

Aside from wiping your sweat, you should also use a towel to cover the gym equipment that you’re using. Leaving your sweat all over the place may create an unpleasant experience for other people in the gym. It’s also a protective barrier against other people’s bodily fluids, as well as against bacteria and other harmful agents. And choosing the right piece can make a world of difference.

What towel to take to the gym?

We recommend grabbing a towel that’s more than just eye-candy. Most people have no in-depth preferences, but true connoisseurs know that some pieces come with specific advantages over the others. We offer a revolutionary high-tech piece that will redefine your gym experience.

We believe that a towel should do more than just wipe your sweat away. Our product features groundbreaking features like:

  • TENCEL Fiber Technology – TENCEL fiber absorbs humidity better and dries faster than any other piece of material. Thanks to this feature, our gym towel will provide increased protection against bacteria and odors, improving your comfort and safety in the gym.
  • Neodymium Magnet – We all experience problems with our towel keep falling and sliding from all surfaces. This can cause it to gather environmental bacteria which you will unknowingly spread all over your face and body. Our Neodymium magnet will prevent that since you’ll now be able to attach it to any metal equipment around you.
  • Two-color design – It may seem like a small feature, but it plays a critical role in protecting you against skin problems. One side of the towel goes on the equipment surfaces, while the other goes on your face. It’s a major advantage compared to single color pieces.
  •  Zipper pocket – It’s common for people to struggle to find a place to put their phones during the training session. You can’t use your own pockets, even if you have any, because you risk damaging the devices during the exercises. Our towel comes with an incorporated mesh pocket that will make your life easier.

How do you avoid germs in the gym?

You always start with a quality gym towel. It will be your first protection against bacteria, germs, and other people’s sweat. Many people don’t realize how dirty gyms can become after a crowded day.

We do, which is why we, at TowelTech have created our revolutionary towel that will change your gym experience. Get it and go train!

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